I’m thinking of taking a solo trip. Where do I begin?

Ready to see the world? Do it on your own terms! There are few things as liberating and exciting as traveling alone. Traveling solo changed my life and is the single greatest gift I’ve ever given myself.

Rather than making up excuses not to travel by waiting around for someone to join you, book that trip and go solo. Like me, many women will find solo travel to be empowering, enjoyable and a wonderful experience.

Being able to do what you like when you like is something that is often underrated. When it comes to solo travel, you can choose whether you want to sleep in, fill your day with activities or treat yourself to a day of getting lost in a beautiful city.

Is it safe to travel as a solo female traveler?

Yes and no. This depends on what your definition of safety is. There are many places I would consider to be “safe” but there are other places I’ve been to that I’ve taken cautionary safety measures, or done more research on before going.

I feel like when people think a destination is “safe,” they let their guard down and if that’s a “bad” experience, they blame that they heard it was safe. Safe does not mean comfortable or you won’t encounter different cultural norms that make you uncomfortable… and I think that’s where things get a little misconstrued.

How do you make friends when traveling?

My first travel experience was a study abroad program in Italy, so I somewhat had a built-in group for my first trip. Nowadays, it’s definitely hard to always have a travel buddy since I travel so much and most of my friends are either still in school or are working full-time.

If you’re staying at hostels, you’ll usually meet like-minded people there who are in the same boat and want to make friends as well!

When’s the best time to book flights and how do you find good deals?

While there are plenty of theories and methods out there for booking cheap flights, I’ve found that it’s entirely dependent on your destinations and flexibility.

What travel websites do you use for trip planning?

I plan 99% of trips through online research and some of my favorite travel planning tools.

What travel reward credit cards would you recommend?

There are countless credit cards that offer some pretty awesome perks—but how do you know which one to pick? I know this can be a really overwhelming thing as there are so many options.

How do you choose which travel/business opportunities to accept?

This is a personal choice. For me, the key factors involved in accepting a travel opp are travel time to and from (and pain of the flights lol), if there’s any compensation, what the deliverables are and, of course, how excited I am for the actual travel experience.