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The 844

On July 24, 1915, a tragedy took place in downtown Chicago.  While still docked on the Chicago River between Clark and LaSalle Streets, the S.S. Eastland capsized with 2500 passengers on board.  844 people died and thousands were impacted by what would be a nearly forgotten moment in Chicago history.

We are proud to have created a unique beer in collaboration with the Eastland Disaster Historical Society and Ale Syndicate in Chicago. Through The 844, a limited-released beer, we commemorate those who lost their lives during the Eastland Disaster and hope to educate those that have never heard of the tragedy.  Beginning on July 15th, the beer will be available on draft for a limited time in Chicago area bars and restaurants, all whom have committed to telling the Eastland’s story. Only 844 bottles will be released in area liquor stores – each 750ml bottle is hand numbered and each bottle highlights and features the story of one of the victims, responders, or survivors of the tragedy. Part of the proceeds of sales will benefit the Eastland Disaster Historical Society, an organization that works to preserve the stories and legacies of all those involved in the disaster.

With a nice kick of Saaz hops coming in on the finish, The 844 is a smooth and full bodied Czech imperial style pilsner.  The beer has been brewed and crafted in honor of the 844 who lost their lives on July 24, 1915 during the S.S. Eastland Disaster in the Chicago River.  The victims were Western Electric workers, their families and friends — many of whom were Czech immigrants. On the 100th anniversary of this tragedy, we raise a glass to their memory with a crisp, golden commemorative beer inspired by their Czech heritage.  The 844 will be distributed by Lakeshore Beverage.

Please visit the Eastland Disaster Historical Society to learn more about the events being hosted during the 100th anniversary commemoration weekend.